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Jambazi - Spb vs Moscow

Просмотров: 673 Автор: Jambazi
And everybody's talking motherfucking much when I'm coming
Fuck the fake hommies who get jealous when they see my money,
You know I'm not a pussy millionire in this game,
I'm a Saint-P thug that was out on a bail
The place where I'm from - Saint-P Happy Home,
But now I see the fake hommies everywhere I turn,
Hate And the spite - this is the all I feelling,
I always try to protect the hommy barely breathing,
Coz when I saw the snitch on my side, he can never hide,
And my attitude maked that motherfuckers wish I die,
THey can't fade me now, just like the be-writer
Coz I'm a motherfucking real SPB fighter,
And when cyad law makers're comming on my side-
Boom-boom to the left, boom-boom to the right,
Give me the answer? - just tell me where're you now?
Get ready for the final countdown!!!

Hands up in the air - SAY HO!,
Stand up, get ready for the show!,
Right now you have chance to know,
Who's the best from the Saint-P to the Moscow!
Why pt. 2
Why pt. 2
This is the "why" point two From the other side of the earth it comes Jadakiss respect man Moscow stand UP! This is the why point two i aint tryna point fingers Why is the industry cats a bunch of fake kingpins They whole
30 ноября 2012Подробнее
My mama told me
My mama told me
My fourty five oh Sticking and thuging for my survival Never try to fuck a dirty hoel Even when I blow I don't need your lessons and the tasks Cause I know What I gotta do with my motherfucking bolow Born in this cruel world
7 июня 2012Подробнее
Can you feel just what I'm dealing, When you're running I dont go, What you know about my niggaz? It's everything I'm asking for When I'm trying to survive in this world full of drugs, Tell me what you've got on pocket? You
16 мая 2012Подробнее


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