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Jambazi - Final

Просмотров: 752 Автор: Jambazi
Can you feel just what I'm dealing,
When you're running I dont go,
What you know about my niggaz? It's everything I'm asking for
When I'm trying to survive in this world full of drugs,
Tell me what you've got on pocket? You don't got it anymore,
I'm running on the niggaz and I punish all the bitches,
You don't got no any snitches, now your hommys on the leashes
I'm live the life of thug,
And my clips are full of slugs
Never dill a drug
I'm a real motherfucking rough
Madman BadMan
Crazy ragga-gangsta man,
Redeemer and breaker I'm the real Saint-P. son
Fightall the bootyman Cant never understand,
How we bust the rhymes Jambazi, Fke and Meloman,
Burn the floor haters, on elevators,
Pussy motherfucker's sons can never fade us,
Phone always crazed us
Enemys want blame us,
Tossing and punching but can't never break us,
Come to the party, come to the party right
It's the real dadasight real dadasight tight
I dont wanna make your dollar make your dollar on the line,
Real ragga gangasta man just feeling so fine,
Cause my flow is so jazzy, Fike's so fast,
Melowbox masta making all this tracks, when get rest
4 million shortys we are making you naughty,
Melowbox Masta fike and jambazi
Suppa hit
Suppa hit
I can't forget that day when you Told me you not my lady So unofficialy and sweet Your love was like a candy You play my love like the game And I don't wanna surch again Your love and your pretty smile I don't need your
26 июня 2012Подробнее
My mama told me
My mama told me
My fourty five oh Sticking and thuging for my survival Never try to fuck a dirty hoel Even when I blow I don't need your lessons and the tasks Cause I know What I gotta do with my motherfucking bolow Born in this cruel world
7 июня 2012Подробнее
Melowbox, me-me-melowbox Yeah, yeah... Jambazi... That's motherfuckaz dog Even now won't be need in this track Aha....So one of the motherfuckin' enemies For this motherfucka' this show... Yeah... All of one in this fucka'
24 января 2012Подробнее
I remember the day when I made a sure When I wanted to know your nature Know, That you can be my little girl Love was not that thing I wanna found Now days was afterday(?).I’ve changed my mind But I make your mind(?).And I
24 января 2012Подробнее
Fike - Cборник треков (2010)
Fike - Cборник треков (2010)
Год выпуска диска: 2010 Страна: Россия Продолжительность: 62 min Битрейт аудио: VBR 128-192 kbps Размер: 93.1 MB
31 мая 2010Подробнее


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    Ты куриш траву ?
    ДА ДА ДА! Каждый день!!
    Иногда, когда есть...
    Нет не курю и вам не советую!
    аГГуу га бу пе пе пе...
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