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We Don't Stop

Просмотров: 563 Автор: SHADOW
I started around time when Eminem signed Fifty
I came in the game but nobody wanted to fuck with me
When I started I had nothing but a paper and a pen
I drew a couple of sketches and made up a plan
Eversince, a thousand pens have ran out of ink
I've wasted like a million notepads developed a swing
The rhymes that I sing are real I don't counterfit
I know the math, give me my do and I will count my shit
I'm from the street thats why I spit gutter & dirt
I know a dope beat 'cus I sold dope on the turf
I'm no magician I ain't got no bunnies in my hat
A rap musician so hip-hop honies giving me head
Worked out my muscle to take shit in the scuffle
I switched to rap and it is a lot like the hustle
My vocals peak on the mic, I kick sick puns
If Big Pun is a measure of talent I'm 6 tons

Print the lyrics and post them upon your fregerator
Genuine poetry, what an mc is made of
I've been here a couple of years, nothing that you can tell me
I've seen how my close peers went from friendly to jelly
I'm from the place where killers play with knives and rugers
We done some foul shit so the bad perfume pursue us
We all are waiting for the brighter day to come
And me? I'm three deep on the corner in the slum
A Million Bucks
A Million Bucks
- If I had a million bucks… - What would you do? - I’d buy each of my goons a pistol, motherfuckaaa IF I HAD A MILLION BUCKS, I WOULD BUY A HUNDRED RACHETS GATHER UP MY SERGEANTS AND HUNT ON MY HATERS –
30 ноября 2012Подробнее
This take me back to the real hip-hop Street niggaz moved packs but they still pop locked Everybody had a puma suit and a boom box Fat laces in your shoes and you knew you was hot Dj call your name when u step in the spot
30 ноября 2012Подробнее
Los Angelies
Los Angelies
My name is I Diggidy, Im from Moscow And i've been in LA, saw this beautiful city That's living it's own life. And i've seen it all'cause i've been everywhere From Beverly Hills to Skid Row. If you never been there, Ima let
30 ноября 2012Подробнее


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