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Point Of No Return

Просмотров: 567 Автор: SHADOW
From the cold winters of Moscow
To the hot summers of LA
Let's do it

And when I got to the point of no return
I made a move and I can't go back
But when I get on my feet and run up to the top
Im gonna take you to where I'm at

I like Nike gear and my body type athletic
Hanging on the block taught me a lot of shit and a little ethics
Taking efforts is a sure method to shine
Try my shoes on and quit trying to tear a hole in my behind
My poppa left the son to his mom
Said he gonna come back that was not what he done
Momma had to pay the bills dad abandoned us
He broke my heart momma tried to mend that up
Looking for a better life we moved to a bigger city
Eversince that we're the defenition of needy
I was a kid with no direction it had me shook
Searchin for a father figure I hooked up with crooks
It was a crazy time 'tho it made me see
Who are friends who are not who is there for me
And now I'm on my way to make it on my own
We gonna have a happy home ma c'mon

Im from a humble begining stomach rumbling Im sinning
I run in up in something bullets ripping through your tendence
Im a California menace sipping on a Guiness
And never knew love cause I never played tennis
In the getting paid business live or lay in it
Stand up or sit on like a bitch and bathe in it
It's amazing the way I came up out the cage with it
And wouldn't pose to make you cross the innerstate with it
Yeah huh now was that over your head
Like Marso's Angel halo over his dreads
I got a pain under my naval and it grew it's own legs
Took me to another tabel where they're braking their bread
Now trust this when I'm able I'm a do what I said
Get my family out the ghetto buy my momma a crib
Take it to another level but it is what it is
When you're dancing with the devil on a gasoline bridge

Hey hey now - walkin through the devils playground
A slain child found beheaded - non sympathetic the credits roll
Up the screen as the screams just ecco
From Moscow to Inglewood - this is are ghetto
Dead or in jail - hell Lucifer will lock the gate
Not a sketch - not a trace - got us sippen vodka straight
Since tha passin of micheal Jackson the king of pop
Wishen that they pinch me - convince me maybe the dream will stop
But it didn’t pray for sinning and never woke for breakfast
Point of no return - but maybe theres a ressurection
Is it a part two of my dejvu
Now my mind playen tricks on me -Mob putten hits on me
Hes a writer - a visionary a Brave author
Cast out - hated on cuz he a shade darker
Cardiac arrest - going through tha same trama
Bout dollaz - no dimes - I aint change mama
This take me back to the real hip-hop Street niggaz moved packs but they still pop locked Everybody had a puma suit and a boom box Fat laces in your shoes and you knew you was hot Dj call your name when u step in the spot
30 ноября 2012Подробнее
Bella Italiana
Bella Italiana
Does he make you laugh? He doesnt make me cry Close, the smell of her perfume is gone Affair that we used to share is still on Silent, shes the canary in a cage And as i open it - shes flying away Five days on end, not a
30 ноября 2012Подробнее
Broke Like A
Broke Like A
I wake up to alarm n my balls are FEELING ITCHY Ima go n take a leak n then I MAKE IT TO THE KITCHEN No food in the fridge aint no dishes on my table You can find me in front of the stove, FRYING POTATOES Man im in a
30 ноября 2012Подробнее
Calm Down
Calm Down
Calm down, i gotta get a little cooled off, So what the fuck now, how am i gonna do this dawg?! Calm down, i gotta get a little cooled off, So what the fuck now, how am i gonna do this dawg?! Stone age is, back in the
24 января 2012Подробнее
I remember the day when I made a sure When I wanted to know your nature Know, That you can be my little girl Love was not that thing I wanna found Now days was afterday(?).I’ve changed my mind But I make your mind(?).And I
24 января 2012Подробнее


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