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SiDE - Выбор

Просмотров: 494 Автор: SHADOW
Im on a maniac tip Still waters run deep
В моём плеере на рипите Моб Дип
Я иду в храм, замолить грехи
Because I shot a man in the head and I hid the heat

I get hungry, when Im on the microphone
But yo Im lovin it, only if its cooked at home
You got friends who buy, i got friends who sell
You got ears to listen I aint got shit to tell
Rememeber, me, i got a qucik temper
N a big knife to get ya body dismembered
Im ill mannered, crooked & underhanded
Stealing your shit if you aint lookin's like a standard
My head is bold but my attitude is bolder
A pair o grey dickies and a shirt upon my shoulder
...i see the one-time see im havin fun hear
In the middle of the street guzzling bear
Something Wrong In my Head
Something Wrong In my Head
Something wrong in my head I'm afraid I have some crazy Or something is wrong with this world? I'm afraid he's too right Since my childhood seemed to me That something is wrong with me People seemed to me shit They all want
8 апреля 2013Подробнее
We Don't Stop
We Don't Stop
I started around time when Eminem signed Fifty I came in the game but nobody wanted to fuck with me When I started I had nothing but a paper and a pen I drew a couple of sketches and made up a plan Eversince, a thousand pens
30 ноября 2012Подробнее
Turn The Volume Up a Notch
Turn The Volume Up a Notch
Its I.D. aka I Dilla, aka GL Goodnie Ledget aka I make you sick with 300 and 11 more nicknames thats up in my head My man Kostaen right here, you know what I mean Turn the volume up a notch If you wanna hear me sayin a lot
30 ноября 2012Подробнее
Cognac sippin
Cognac sippin
Ugh, I Diggidy Freestyling and cognac sippin, representin My life is sumn like a movie by this guy richie I know that if u had a chance you would switch it with me You couldnt pass the au-dition, sit & listen Have u
30 ноября 2012Подробнее
From Jamaica
From Jamaica
From Jamaica to Cuba All our gold are so cure I brought this seem in this burgal You can't stop us now! I know I Know what you feel and May you hear my head beating? Do you Know what I'm meaning? You can feel me now! From
11 марта 2012Подробнее


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