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Дели на факты

Просмотров: 574 Автор: SHADOW
Bitches in heat for the riches I get
Snithces indite criminals to the feds
Living this life as a man of my word
We are on the rise, you already heard

I, Diggidy is good
Represent the street, see me in the hood
Holding on a grudge, living in a cage
She be fucking well tho a bitch is underage
Money in the air, smoke get thicker
Hit a honey from the rear, spill mad liquor
Kick a sicker rhyme than an average mc
Slicker in a game than a p-i-m-p
Выше выше
Выше выше
I Diggidy Is mad on the beat like this I Diggidy With the mind in the state of bliss I Diggidy In a hoodie n a grey hat I Diggidy Feeling better than i ever had Cant afford a bottle of bacardi cus Im broke But i dont report
1 декабря 2012Подробнее
Los Angelies
Los Angelies
My name is I Diggidy, Im from Moscow And i've been in LA, saw this beautiful city That's living it's own life. And i've seen it all'cause i've been everywhere From Beverly Hills to Skid Row. If you never been there, Ima let
30 ноября 2012Подробнее
Mad Flow
Mad Flow
Switch it like that What you know about me? I might bite back If you got a problem with me, right back In a minute i'll be out with a toast in my left hand With the knife in the right, dont you understand? I'm gonna take
30 ноября 2012Подробнее
21 марта 2010Подробнее


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