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Molotov cocktail

Просмотров: 389 Автор: SHADOW
Molotov cocktail your ass biatch

Im raw, like "illmatic" in '94
Sick, like "cloud 9" in '96
Im "metropolis gold" great in '98
Im "reunion", im 2000

Im inside looking out like the cover of "the realness"
2002 as "the saga continues"
"50 cents and a million", "triggernometry"
Is the best of the whole '03
Im "rbg" and dtp
Like "the red light district" but im burning a g
Im rugged like the "center of attention"
In 2005 "reloaded" like the gun of smif-n-wessun
Im spilt blood on money in '06
I played "return of the mac" hustling oz's
Im "untitled" in 20-o-8,
But still i feel "metropolis gold" great
I take a short cut through the backstreets
Where the police is looking for dudes with keys
They gon' catch cases but that aint gon' grab my hand
It's 2010 and i aint going to pen
31 мая 2013Подробнее
Инструментал Aint no pain
Инструментал Aint no pain
Прослушать минус Aint no pain
3 января 2013Подробнее
Year Of Rat
Year Of Rat
Yo expirience life as I know it, ugh, step in my shoes I wake up to alarm in the morning Today Im into makin moves ayyo Im all in My break is fast n what is more its poor I eat it as i listen to Cormega n Im out the door I
30 ноября 2012Подробнее
From Jamaica
From Jamaica
From Jamaica to Cuba All our gold are so cure I brought this seem in this burgal You can't stop us now! I know I Know what you feel and May you hear my head beating? Do you Know what I'm meaning? You can feel me now! From
11 марта 2012Подробнее


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