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In Snickers Commercial

Просмотров: 624 Автор: SHADOW
I aint going anywhere me im still in this
Reppin on my set aint no matter the consequences
I get me bolder as i get me older
Forever blunted in the crib never find me sober
Me im livin this life just to score
Don’t expect to see me stretched out in the mourge
I inspect to be livin it gore
Im tryna get my mind off going to war
I aint trippin, im just tryina play real witcha
I to the Diggidy I try to get me richer
I aint tryna play a teacher or anything else
All of us just try to get wealth
Knock the door so I can let you in
If we doing bidness I pour out gin
Up in ya glass, live fast, die happily
Avoid felonies, my family’s there always on me,
Инструментал Aint no pain
Инструментал Aint no pain
Прослушать минус Aint no pain
3 января 2013Подробнее
Cognac sippin
Cognac sippin
Ugh, I Diggidy Freestyling and cognac sippin, representin My life is sumn like a movie by this guy richie I know that if u had a chance you would switch it with me You couldnt pass the au-dition, sit & listen Have u
30 ноября 2012Подробнее


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