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High till I die

Просмотров: 669 Автор: SHADOW
Standing on my first step, both feet in the street
Drinkin 40 ounce beer, eating sunflower seeds
Lounging, all day with my crew on the block
We sell weed in boxes and hash in rocks
Not worried about a thing, fiends calling my phone
Im in the supermarket shopping some food for home
We on the rise, taking one step at a time
The cop lovers are calling "The Officer's Hot line" [faggot]
10 one time got to the corner
We're so quick to dump shit that we had on us
And when the raid is off - we at it again
The taste of big bucks got us screaming fuck a pen
Step my game up, copped me a golden Rolex
My partners spent their money on pistol polish
The voice in my head is telling me that we're almost over
But I cant hear a damn thing sober

Im High 'till I die
A Million Bucks
A Million Bucks
- If I had a million bucks… - What would you do? - I’d buy each of my goons a pistol, motherfuckaaa IF I HAD A MILLION BUCKS, I WOULD BUY A HUNDRED RACHETS GATHER UP MY SERGEANTS AND HUNT ON MY HATERS –
30 ноября 2012Подробнее
Golden Child
Golden Child
I know the do's and the donts and i DON’T EAT DOUGHNUTS When ya're dealing dope GETTING HIGH IS LIKE A BONUS All of these rappers say they hustle AND ITS BOGUS But i can tell a fake – I WAS STANDING ON THE
30 ноября 2012Подробнее
Now it's time to make a choice: You will stay...or you will walk away Walking away from my problems, walking away from my side Walking away from the pain that I've got inside And I don't wanna live my life without a pray So
17 июля 2012Подробнее
Groove on
Groove on
Big Snoop Dogg I want everybody to report to the dancefloor It's time to get your groove on Yo this my party I can do whatever I wanna do You know I gain money And I get high respect of mine If I take 'em back home Shit is
24 января 2012Подробнее


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