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Golden Child

Просмотров: 621 Автор: SHADOW
I know the do's and the donts and i DON’T EAT DOUGHNUTS
When ya're dealing dope GETTING HIGH IS LIKE A BONUS
All of these rappers say they hustle AND ITS BOGUS
But i can tell a fake – I WAS STANDING ON THE CORNERS
Brought the, bacon home got it on my plate
Eating food for thought, GOT ME OVERWEIGHT
I sat down for a long time and I did wonder
Am I the one in charge or THE HOOD DONE TOOK ME UNDER
Man, ugh I left the field for a period
Life is what you make it, SO THEY CALL IT MYRIAD
I coulda been a lawer or i coulda been a banker
But i grew up in fool and im ALL ABOUT A CAPER
All about the paper, poverty got me greedy
Im out for the big doe so I brought the BAGS WITH ME
ONE OF cloth ONE OF plastic ONE OF leather
N a black backpack man, READY FOR WHATEVER
High till I die
High till I die
Standing on my first step, both feet in the street Drinkin 40 ounce beer, eating sunflower seeds Lounging, all day with my crew on the block We sell weed in boxes and hash in rocks Not worried about a thing, fiends calling
30 ноября 2012Подробнее
30 ways, 30 dirty ways to get paid BUT I WANNA WALK STRAIGHT somehow someway 30 ways, 30 dirty ways to get paid BUT I WANNA WALK STRAIGHT somehow someway 30 ways, 30 dirty ways to get paid BUT I WANNA WALK STRAIGHT somehow
30 ноября 2012Подробнее
Bella Italiana
Bella Italiana
Does he make you laugh? He doesnt make me cry Close, the smell of her perfume is gone Affair that we used to share is still on Silent, shes the canary in a cage And as i open it - shes flying away Five days on end, not a
30 ноября 2012Подробнее
Broke Like A
Broke Like A
I wake up to alarm n my balls are FEELING ITCHY Ima go n take a leak n then I MAKE IT TO THE KITCHEN No food in the fridge aint no dishes on my table You can find me in front of the stove, FRYING POTATOES Man im in a
30 ноября 2012Подробнее
From Jamaica
From Jamaica
From Jamaica to Cuba All our gold are so cure I brought this seem in this burgal You can't stop us now! I know I Know what you feel and May you hear my head beating? Do you Know what I'm meaning? You can feel me now! From
11 марта 2012Подробнее


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