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Просмотров: 541 Автор: SHADOW
I Diggidy
Is mad on the beat like this
I Diggidy
With the mind in the state of bliss
I Diggidy
In a hoodie n a grey hat
I Diggidy
Feeling better than i ever had

Cant afford a bottle of bacardi cus Im broke
But i dont report to anybody and thats dope
A career ladder got u climbin like a cliffhanger
Shouting at your families to relieve anger
And stressing is eating your flesh and bones
U a grey spot in the masses, u ashes yo
I mean u miserable, go do sumn about it
Theres no fun living the life when u r bounded
What you about? Big things or small
Are u shopping at the corner store or shoppin at the mall
Are u shopping at the corner store or shoppin at the mall
Are u shopping at the corner store or shoppin at the mall
It dont matter, cus u know Im talkin with you
Wherever you from, whoever you are, whatever you do
Its a great chance to live in this world for us
So if your car broke down go and catch a bus
High till I die
High till I die
Standing on my first step, both feet in the street Drinkin 40 ounce beer, eating sunflower seeds Lounging, all day with my crew on the block We sell weed in boxes and hash in rocks Not worried about a thing, fiends calling
30 ноября 2012Подробнее


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