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Narkas Beatz - Gold Plate

Просмотров: 1458 Автор: narkasbeatz
Narkas Beatz - Gold Plate
Исполнитель: Narkas Beatz
Название: Gold Plate
Год выпуска: 2013
Страна: Россия
Битрейт аудио: 192
Кол-во композиций: 32
Продолжительность: 01:49:12
Размер: 180 Mb

1. Empty all killed inside
2. Feel the subtleties of
3. Life is not in the blank
4. Hurts to lose bitches
5. Tell lives yes
6. The bullet catch up with the
7. Sooner die
8. Thoughts on the rocks
9. Understand the essence
10. Soul poison
11. Former adviser
12. Hold on
13. Guns and money
14. Growing up is not under the moon
15. And what have you
16. Move the body
17. Come on with me
18. Broken head
19. Don't need anything from you
20. In captivity
21. We do not live we survive
22. Take what is left
23. The main thing is not the money and the glory
24. It is difficult to
25. Heart as hands
26. In order all in a row
27. The volume of all
28. Take my tip
29. According to the laws of rats
30. We do not have
31. You want the money
32. Rose from concrete

Доп. информация:
Вот и 30-й альбом. Купить полную версию без защитной акапеллы можете на оф. сайте за 400р. Халявщики качают бесплатную.

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28 февраля 2013Подробнее
Now it's time to make a choice: You will stay...or you will walk away Walking away from my problems, walking away from my side Walking away from the pain that I've got inside And I don't wanna live my life without a pray So
17 июля 2012Подробнее
My mama told me
My mama told me
My fourty five oh Sticking and thuging for my survival Never try to fuck a dirty hoel Even when I blow I don't need your lessons and the tasks Cause I know What I gotta do with my motherfucking bolow Born in this cruel world
7 июня 2012Подробнее
From Jamaica
From Jamaica
From Jamaica to Cuba All our gold are so cure I brought this seem in this burgal You can't stop us now! I know I Know what you feel and May you hear my head beating? Do you Know what I'm meaning? You can feel me now! From
11 марта 2012Подробнее
I remember the day when I made a sure When I wanted to know your nature Know, That you can be my little girl Love was not that thing I wanna found Now days was afterday(?).I’ve changed my mind But I make your mind(?).And I
24 января 2012Подробнее


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