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D-Man - Cuffing Season Has Returned Instrumentals

Просмотров: 788 Автор: BRAVO-zzz
D-Man - Cuffing Season Has Returned Instrumentals

Страна: USA
Жанр: Instrumentals,Rap,Hip-Hop
Продолжительность: 00:59:32
Формат | Качество: Mp3 | 320 kbps
Размер: 142,94 Мб

01 - Cuffing Season Has Returned!
02 - Gentlemen, Start Your Cuffing!
03 - Damn Son! Hector's Sister Is THICK!
04 - I Want Her…But She Has Standards And High Self Esteem Tho…
05 - Yeah, You Look Good And All But I Still Need To See Some ID…
06 - Dedicated To The Sexy Ass College Girls That Work At Starbucks...
07 - I Promise You I'm Not Chasing You, Lady. At Least Not Anymore…
08 - What's Your Sign, Girl? Actually I Don't Even Care, I Wanna Hit Regardless…
09 - Is That Snow? I Need To Step My Holler Game Up!
10 - So...What's A Pretty Girl Like You Doing In A Checkcashers On A Friday
11 - An Ode To All The Ladies Rockin' Kalinda Boots
12 - I Need To Channel My Inner Idris Elba And Get This Chick's Number...
13 - The First Date (Open Them Cuffs)
14 - I Choo Choo Choose You (Boo'd Up)
15 - Technically Babe, This Was Our Third Date So No One Can Call You A Ho...

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This take me back to the real hip-hop Street niggaz moved packs but they still pop locked Everybody had a puma suit and a boom box Fat laces in your shoes and you knew you was hot Dj call your name when u step in the spot
30 ноября 2012Подробнее
Groove on
Groove on
Big Snoop Dogg I want everybody to report to the dancefloor It's time to get your groove on Yo this my party I can do whatever I wanna do You know I gain money And I get high respect of mine If I take 'em back home Shit is
24 января 2012Подробнее
Mike Zombie - Old Work Instrumentals
Mike Zombie - Old Work Instrumentals
Страна: USA Жанр: Instrumentals,Rap,Hip-Hop Продолжительность: 01:34:12 Формат | Качество: Mp3 | 224 kbps Размер: 85,20 Мб
15 июля 2011Подробнее


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    Ты куриш траву ?
    ДА ДА ДА! Каждый день!!
    Иногда, когда есть...
    Нет не курю и вам не советую!
    аГГуу га бу пе пе пе...
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